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Between 2004 and 2016, ship maintenance and repair works in Tuzla shipyards, new panel installation, PLC software, Alarm monitoring system software and installation, PV system Software and installation Ship Main Machinery control room bridge top starboard port Governor speed control system software and installed Ship bastard control software and installation, electrical project Yeni construction Motor yacht new system installation scada, sensor calibration services.

After 2016 Generator, Main engine, Synchronous system, Solar energy, Wind energy, Factory, Mall, Ship, Sailing, Motor yacht, passenger ship, ferry, Hospital, Airports, Energy plant, Living Site, Social areas, Stadium, Energy provides sales and marketing, export, import, new system planning, training and commissioning services in the field of lighting. .................... Always innovation R&D


Energy efficiency; reducing the burden of energy costs, ensuring security of supply in energy
minimizing the risks arising from foreign dependency, low carbon transition to the economy and protection of the environment, domestic energy potential at maximum efficiency Complementing national strategic objectives such as ensuring sustainability by evaluating
and it is a set of interdisciplinary strategic activities that cut them horizontally. Our country's energy resources and natural resources in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. its mission to make the highest contribution to the welfare of the country by evaluating is always close to you for a safe future in natural resources.


A secure future in energy and natural resources .
Closely following scientific developments, adapting to changing conditions, equipped with professional skills, committed to professional ethics, sensitive to social problems and responsible

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