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Smartegen Product Catalogue

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Product catalog general: Synchronous, Generator control, Battery Charger, Automatic transfer switch control, Alarm monitor, Remote control. Cloud control ... Download the catalog for details.


The purpose of such an energy supply network; to maintain a balance between production and consumption. To achieve this, the seamless integration of various technologies associated with the generation, storage and consumption of energy is required, which offers new areas for innovative solutions.

In these systems, there are at least 2 different energy sources that complement each other. Combinations of traditional and renewable energy sources; It provides innovative and energy-efficient solutions for cities, counties or individual households.


If there will be an interruption, why use ATS?
In case of interruptions in the sources, manual switching is required to supply the energy from the backup source. This will increase the duration of the power outage. On the other hand, while the signal system is set up to activate the direct backup energy source at every point where ATS is used for the independent sections, if this is desired to be done manually, the main source to which the facility is connected must be interrupted so that the backup source is activated. (for example, it is necessary to open the transformer output switch) As you can see, it is very difficult to ensure the continuity of energy in the independent sections without using ATS with manual means. In fact, only manual transition is not enough, this transition must be done as soon as possible, which is the best switchgear ATS.


Marine vehicles that meet the demands of internationally accepted classification societies .....IMO solas BV, DNV, GL , LR, NK


It provides services in fire extinguishing panels, shipbuilding equipment control panels, generator local and remote control panels, generator synchronous system main panels and many more.

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