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Solidarity: You can get support from our company for Control and Control Drawings of all projects in the field of energy. It is our duty to fight hand in hand with you.

New Product Collection


SmartGen Turkey
İtaş Elektromekanik San. ve Tic. A.S.
Turkey is the only General distributor
It is our honor to serve all our customers.

Development history


  • Company Launch of “SmartGen Cloud Plus”.


  • Director of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee And His Party Visit SmartGen.


  • Company held "ATS Control Technology Exchange Meeting".


  • Company held " Hybrid Energy Control Technology Expert Summit".


  • Governor of Henan Province And His Party Visited SmartGen.


  • Secretary of Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau and his party Visited SmartGen.


  • Minister of MIIT And His Party Visited SmartGen.


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The meaning of SmartGen

SmartGen is our English trademark."Smart" means ingenious, intelligent and clever,"Gen" is the abbreviation of gen-set.SmartGen implies making gen-set more intelligent and humanized to serve humans better!


In 1998, we started first genset controllers research and development and SmartGen was registered and established in 2003. SmartGen is a technological modernization enterprise, focusing on intelligent control system for engine, generator and dual power supply, as well as related products, and concentrating on design, research and development, manufacture, sale and services.Products are widely used in military industry, mining and oil exploration, data centers, ships, intelligent buildings, banks, hospitals, telecommunications, infrastructure and other fields. We have 300+ employees and sell products all over the world. More than 30% employees are dedicated to R&D, striving for exploring new intelligent solutions to improve the overall performance of global industry equipment.


Enterprise Mission: Making Control Smarter!

Enterprise Vision: Building a century-old SmartGen,being the most trusted brand for partner!

Enterprise Values: Innovation, Focus, Lean-Better;Integrity, Responsibility, Win-Win.

Enterprise Spirit: Continuous Improvement, Teamwork Creates Value.

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