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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

HMU15N Remote Monitoring Controller is used for remote monitoring of single/multiple gensets, which can realize remote start/stop, auto/manual mode switch, close/open operation and data measurement, alarms display functions. It fits with 15-inch capacitive touch screen, realizing multi-level operation authorities with simple and reliable operation.

HMU15N Remote Monitoring Controller adopts Android operation system, it can communicate with genset controller via RS485 port or Ethernet port, and can read and display real-time parameters, data curves, historical records and alarm information. Up to 10 genset controllers can be connected simultaneously with flexible configuration and easy operation.


  1. Apply ARM processor, 15-inch capacitive touch LCD (1024*768 resolution); Android operation system, HMI display, optional Chinese and English operation interface;

  2. With power indicator and alarm indicator;

  3. With multi-level brightness, it can be adjusted automatically for different environments, or manually adjusted according to requirements;

  4. With range sensor, the brightness will turn to the lowest level automatically when there is no person in front of the display screen;

  5. With 4-way RS485 communication port, 1-way CAN port, 1-way Ethernet port, it can communicate with master control module via 4-way RS485 or Ethernet port, while the CAN port is reserved;

  6. USB device port for the firmware upgrade;

  7. USB host port is easy to upgrade the software when connected with U-disk and data can be exported to U-disk;

  8. One or up to 10 genset controllers can be monitored remotely;

  9. With one-key stop function, which can stop all the running gensets;

  10. Real-time display genset parameters and alarm information;

  11. Real-time data curve and historical data curve can be exported;

  12. With Real-time clock display, operation history and alarm records functions, which can be exported;

  13. Can automatically detect the connection status of master control module, modification and manual added of the module are available, the parameters will not be lost even power off;

  14. The controller is fixed with metal clips;

  15. Modular design, pluggable wiring terminals, built-in mounting, compact structure with easy installation.

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