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Genset Control Solutions

Our mission is to help you with our system solutions that change our horizons.

Emergency Power Supply Solution

This solution can be applied to self-start control genset with different power and fuel.

Gas Genset Solution

This solution can provide multi-set parallel, mains grid-connection of gas genset, collect engine exhaust temperature, oil pressure, water temperature and other data via CAN BUS expand I/O interface

Black Start Solution

This solution can intelligently and reliably control genset self-start and gradually recover system supply in case of supply system fault.

High Voltage Unit Solution

This solution can be applied for high-voltage genset control and protection of single unit, multi-set parallel and mains grid-connection.

Solution for Telecom Base Station

This solution can provide intelligent control of telecom base station genset, automatically start when mains abnormal or low pressure of battery pack, automatically transfer ATS supply

Lighting Tower Set Solution

This solution is mainly used for mining, emergency lighting, major events and can be applied to AC/DC lightingtower set and automatically control genset start/stop and lights switch

Parallel Solution

Can be widely used in isolated power station, power plant black start, high voltage parallel, power constant power output, mains peak clipping, gas grid-connection, CHP and other occasions

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