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Azimut 58

Our project done together with our Antalya Authorized Dealer, ( Can Marin Elektrik.Mehmet CAN)

Industrial automation control control systems and many machines with all brands in marine machinery groups integrate systems with ECUs.

1- MTU ECU: Azimut Motor yacht MTU main machinery control and control systems Smartgen HCM9000A machine start stop alarm PLC control module and HCM9800 RM remote monitoring start stop alarm control Can bus skada screen were used. Communication connections and software were made to MTU ECU board with Can Bus.

Micro Command and Clear Command zf gearbox and MTU main machine speed control control system PLC was rewritten with the whole control control design.

It is your choice to use the machines at the factory production values ​​to prevent the errors that will occur.

Marine certified products were used. Working in heavy sea conditions and complying with world class standards . certificates ( CCS , BV)

2- Kohler Power system: Kohler generator diesel start stop alarm and remote monitoring control alarm system has been renewed. Smartgen HCM4000 MPU machine start, stop, alarm, voltage, total power, current, values ​​are monitored from the side of the machine. In order to monitor and control the same values ​​remotely, the HCM4000RM can bus module is mounted on the bridge with only two wire connection without pulling a cable. The generator is ready to use without the fault of qualified personnel.

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