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Fretti RPH810

Industrial automation control control systems and maritime machinery groups have all brands of Communication communication systems, This Application is integrated with 12 cylinder MTU ECU 4.

1- Feretti RPH 810 MTU ECU 4 Machine system

A ) Smartgen HCM9000A machine module was used for machine control, MTU ECU 4 error codes, machine sensor information control control in its integrated work with MTU ECU 4 can bus system.

B) The remote control scale display Smartgen HCM9800RM module was used to monitor MTU ECU 4 Can bus machine sensor values ​​on the bridge.

2- Generator shore connection power control distribution

A) Kohler Smartgen HGM6110N was used for 2 generator control controllers and Smartgen HGM6110NC-RM module was used for remote control.

B) ATS transfer control Smartgen Three Power ATS controller generator 1 generator 2 and true power controller Smartgen HAT832 are used for shore connection and generator power control automatic switching.

3- MTU Speed ​​control old arms 3 station 6 synchronous arm system

MTU 12 cylinder ECU 4 system integrated speed control system complete operation was revised by programming with PLC again.

Get information about the station selected without changing the machine speed during transitions between stations, the calibration of the arms, the automatic control of the midpoint position of all arms, the zero control of the cone positions in case of emergency stop, the machine start safety data.

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